The Sweaty Palms Program Book

Krystal posted 2010-03-19 17 17 345 hey if my son had birth in his hands and feet were very wet two cold, used to massage the cream the sweaty palms program book on the hands and feet, and then after 7 months, I, Noticeing began her hands were dry and then up to 8 months, that feet were SecosLe I asked the doctor and he said, was normal and most children grow further explained the above if you ever to 1 and then I had to go back for some controls for circulation and other things, but luckily it has grown from it. his hands and feet are sometimes cold, but they are weather. If you are really Consurned on this subject, talk to your doctor at least and then put your opinion well. Give it better :) Useful beautiful (38) (3) funny (2) promotion of hugs (3).